Friday, September 26, 2014

A Tale of a terrible, mean, not-nice blog snatcher

 Several months ago something happened. 
A terrible, mean, not-nice thing.
What happened?
My old blog got hijacked.
Yep, just snatched right out from under me.
I was so upset (I might have even cried a little).
For months, I tried to retrieve my words, my pictures,
my heart on a virtual sleeve.
But then it was clear it was over. 
I stewed, and wallowed, and got all cranky-like.
Then finally, I got over myself and started again.
I ever so slowly built A Half Dozen at Home.
(Insert colorful language for the technologically challenged here) 
So friends.....welcome to my bomb-diggity do-over!
And it's perfect timing because
it's officially Fall.....hellurrr!
Oh, I love Fall.
I mean really, who doesn't?
It's all pumpkins and spice and everything nice.

It's all boots and scarves and sweaters.
It's all crisp air and sunshine and 
hues of amber (say my name, say my name, say my name).
It's time to snuggle and read and daydream.
It's time to enjoy the beauty that only 
happens when leaves turn.

It's time for Jane Austen and steaming spiced cider.
It's time for tricks and treats
and gratitude.

It's time to gather.
 I can't think of a better time to start over. 
In honor of this glorious season I'd like
to say to the terrible, mean, not-nice blog snatcher: 
Thank You!


  1. I love your blog! So glad you didn't let that terrible, mean, not-nice blog snatcher prevail!

    1. Thanks Tori! I'm lucky to have so much encouragement to start again.

  2. So glad you are up and blogging again

  3. Thanks Jenny! It's great to be back!


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