Thursday, July 23, 2015

Slovenia.....A Love Story

Every once in a while, a place will wrap it's arms around you.
You'll feel all warm and fuzzy in it's embrace.
In the two-ish years we've lived in Germany,
we've gone a few places.
All of them have been amazing in their own right.
From the cerulean waters off the Amalfi coast, to the somber grounds of Auschwitz,
to the tapas bars of Malaga,
I have loved each place we've visited.
Although none as much as Slovenia.
It was one of our most brief, but memorable, trips.
Friends who had been there shared their stories and pictures.
They all agreed it was one of their favorite places.
Of course, my family was looking forward to it.
Nothing prepared us for the absolute peace of the place.
Lake Bled is a tourist town, so there was bustle, in the
way that vacationers bustle.
There were people walking and biking around the lake.
And some were rowing boats across it.

(We got in on the rowing too)

For me, the real star of the show, were the majestic Julian Alps.
There were still a few mountain tops capped in snow.

They leaned into the bright, blue sunny sky.
The little town of Bled encircled by the mountains, and with it's medieval
castle perched on a rock overlooking the lake, was perfect.

We stayed at a "glamp ground".
You know? Glamorous camping?
It was just a short walk from the lake.
Had it not been for the scenery and hiking that awaited outside the resort,
we never would have left that little sanctuary.
To optimize memory-making for our short stay, we slept in a treehouse.
Let me just say......

Coolest vacay ever!!!

We enjoyed the living pool.

We ate delicious, fresh food prepared by a fantastic chef.

We explored the resort garden and ate strawberries
that grew along all the paths.
We hiked the nearby Vintgar Gorge.

We napped, and talked, and skipped rocks.

We sat by the fire and snuggled.

We took in the beauty of creation.

I realized after we got home that we didn't do much.
We just spent time together in that beautiful place.
For giving us that little respite in the midst of our busy lives,
I'll always <3 Slovenia


  1. It all looks like a post card! Thank you for sharing your corner of the world!

    Happy day friend!

  2. Haha, that's exactly what I thought when we got there! It's like the Slovenian version of Currier&Ives....for real! Thanks for reading friend!


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