Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Name is Amber....and I Jump Out of Planes

So, I'm not a daredevil.
In fact I'm afraid of heights.
 I'm that girl that gets vertigo and swampy pits when I get to the third wrung of a ladder.
Let's just say, I have been known to get queasy 
going up our spiral staircase.
In fairness that only happens before I've had my coffee.
Some fear is normal.
It's our body's way of saying, "Slow down speed racer you're headed for a wall!!!!"
Or you know, something similar.
Four years ago when I became a Christian, I learned just
how many decisions I had made out of fear.
Here's a hint.
Then I decided to surrender my fear.
Which is super easy when you're a type-A, control freak,
OCD person such as myself.
It happened in little tiny, itsy bitsy steps.
Then a few years ago, I decided I wanted to go skydiving.
And things took a giant leap toward surrender.
Take that, fear!
Because when you're afraid to climb a ladder,
the logical response is to jump out of a plane. Am I right?
Just me? Ok.
Go big, or go home people.
We went to a small airport in Klatovy, Czech Republik, signed some papers (promising not to sue if I, 
and got geared up.

That's my jumpmaster Duncan(he's from New Zealand)tightening all my gear.

My face and my guts were saying two different things

We made our way to the plane.
My sweet friend Daisa was right next to me.

When I looked through all the pics
I was surprised how calm I looked because I
felt like I might throw up.
Shut up fear....I'm doing this!
When we took off, I just took a deep breath and said a
silent prayer.
Before I had time to think too much, we were at 14,000 ft. and I was standing
on the edge of a platform at the back of the plane.
I was like,
"Maybe this was a bad ideaaaaawe're falllliiiiing!!"
A few flips in the air later and Duncan tapped my shoulder
to let me know it was time to open my arms for our free fall. fall.
This was the most exhilarating thing I've
ever felt in my life.
The sun was beaming on us, the Bavarian mountains were on
the horizon, and the clouds were beckoning us
into their puffiness.
In about a minute we were opening the chute. 
Our descent was pure bliss.
We soared above the Earth and it was utterly serene. 
I got to steer our chute for a bit and it was a rush to
be in control of something so massive.

That's me attached to the blue chute.
I'm sitting here with a silly grin reliving that moment.

As the ground got closer, I kept thinking it went too fast.
I was ready to go again and again.

I had to hug Duncan because the happiness was too much
to keep to myself.
My dream come true/birthday gift/kicking fear's butt
was a complete and total success.
This is how it felt in the moments afterward.

I took a leap of faith and it paid off big time.
I made memories I'll cherish for the rest of my life and I told fear
to take a flying leap.
Ha, get it?
I don't know if climbing a ladder will be any easier,
but maybe. 
If it isn't, I'll just keep doing it anyway.
With the knowledge that I'm a way cooler person now ;-)
When we were done we got certificates.
We're certified AWESOME!!

Now I can say, "Hi I'm Amber, and I jump out of planes."

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