Thursday, October 23, 2014

Master Bedroom Dreamin'

Many years ago, 8 to be exact, I came into possession of 
our current bedding. 
I say I came into possession because I didn't necessarily buy it.
More like, I talked my mom into not wanting it anymore.
I can be very persuasive....muahahaha.
She gave up the goods and I went home with a brand new set of bedding.
The intention was never to keep the same bedding for eight years.
That's like 56 years in dog years,
way too long for the same bedding, day in and day out.
Disclaimer: we have had new sheets over the years

My typical M.O. in our bedroom has been to maybe slap some paint up, 
hang a mirror and some pictures and call it a day.
Our master bedroom here is large, but it has some quirk.
It's L-shaped, it has a whole mess of slanty walls, and there are
closets in the middle of the room.
When I started shopping for new bedding, I realized
that I wanted to make this room special.
Hubs and I deserve a thoughtfully planned, beautiful and relaxing space, after all.
When you walk in our bedroom door, you look directly at that window in the picture below.
(My OCD loathes that symmetry is non-existent in this room)

My plan is to update the bedside tables...
it could mean paint, or at least new hardware?
I love the swing arm lamps, but the shades need a makeover for sure.
I definitely want to paint the walls a soothing color.
Something similar to this...

This blue/grey has such an ethereal, calm feeling. 
Now about that old bedding.....oh the bedding!
Normally, I would choose what I want and convince my hubs he likes it later.
But I really want our "new" room to be a haven for both of us.
With that in mind, we shopped together (online) off and on for months.
You'd think white bedding would be easy to pick, right?
We began to see that not all white bedding is created equally.
Some was too frilly, some had no texture, some looked cheap.
We ended up turning to a place that never disappoints.
Pottery Barn
Did you hear the angels singing? LOL
We liked so much of the bedding, but we agreed we wanted a quilt.
Our choice makes me want to crawl into bed and snuggle.

Directly across from our bed is a nook where our dressers live.
Right now, they're just holding random stuff that doesn't currently have a home.
Go Seahawks!

We need to corral stuff like cologne, watches, you know....the usual.
Our furniture is nice, solid wood. 
But those knobs are boooooring., which means they gots to go!

This makes me very happy...

I'd also like to do something interesting on the wall above the large dresser.
Maybe DIY art?

In between the dressers and the bed, we have windows.

 Europeans have great windows!
They open completely and they tilt open at the tops. Genius!
There are tracks on the ceiling that allows to install three layers of window treatments.
I'm thinking of sheers with some fabulous panels over that.
I'm sort of a curtain-a-holic.
I'll show you my stash someday.
The other end of the room (on the other side of the closets), is a hot, steaming mess.
I can't even believe I'm showing this.

This friends, is embarrassing.
My plan is to make this a dressing area and add some lighting.
It gets dark in this area because of all the weird angles in the room.
I plan on creating a vanity and adding organized storage for my jewelry, which is currently
strewn all over the floor.
You can see, storage is a huge issue, so a dresser that we found on the street will be
the solution once it's refinished.
The carpet is indoor/outdoor industrial stuff.
It's not pretty......that's me being nice about it.
My hope is that area rugs will figure into the design, budget permitting.
I'm so excited to get started on this project.
And I'm even more excited to share it here when I'm done!
Now to get to work.

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