Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Room Roundup #1

Every day that passes has me more excited about getting back to our
people, and church, and well....country.
I'm also pretty anxious to start putting together our home.
I thought it'd be fun to do a few room roundups.
That way I can look back and giggle at how easy I thought it would be ;-)
In all seriousness though, my brain likes to see things.
So, I'm starting with rooms that already have a pretty clear direction.
Since I like pictures, and I hope I'm not alone, there are quite a few.

Our 13 year old recently chose new bedding and curtains for his room.
All I can say is, the kid has taste.

He got the fabulous Shelby Faile drape from Pottery Barn to
go with the MudHut Xavier quilt set from Target.
And because I love throw pillows almost as much as I love curtains,
the chevron embroidered lumbar also from Pottery Barn.
He inherited his older brother's queen sized bed too.
Unfortunately, it's just the mattress set on a frame.
Uh....not cute.
So I'm envisioning something along these lines for a headboard.

Simple, stylish, and pretty easy to DIY.
His dresser and night table are from the Carter's Kids Lost Creek Collection in a mix 
of espresso and grey.
We bought it about 4 years ago and still love it!

Our yougest son's room has me a bit baffled in the curtain department.
In his room here, he had these

Threshold's Ikat Jaquard in grey.
They're a good weight, but I think the little guy needs something
a little less adult.
Here's his bedding

This mix of color and pattern absolutely represents our
very active 8 year old.
I think a simple solid curtain panel might be best, with everything
else going on in his room.
But then an old fashioned rugby stripe catches my eye.
I just don't know.
For a while anyway, bamboo shades will do just fine.
This industrial-inspired shelving still makes me swoon,
and I think it'll be a perfect DIY project to house our boy's
junk treasures.

Our dining room is on the small-ish side. 
It's important to me for that room to be pretty and light,
without going over the top.
It's the first room inside our front door.
(I think that's a little weird, but whatevs)
We've had our Broyhill Attic Heirlooms harvest table
for about 11 years.
It's a good quality, oak (that means heavy) table that I can't see replacing anytime soon, if ever.
The plan is to give it a makeover, by staining it in a grey wash, similar to this.

This is our table, except ours has two leafs.

While our table is a rockstar, our dining chairs are a hot mess. 
They're old, and a tad rickety.
Talk about being held together with glue and nails and screws and who
even knows what else.
No one has had one break under them....yet.
But I do think it'll be time to replace those soon.
They look deceptively good though, don't you think?

When the day comes that we buy new dining chairs, one of my Pins has me feeling happy

Dare I try light uphostery with a houseful of boys?
So pretty....

Anyway, I recently scored a natural jute rug for the dining room and I'm excited to
unroll it when we start unpacking.
I got this 8x10 beauty 70% off at Rugs USA!
 And for our large dining room window, how about these beauties? 

Seriously, the PB Lucianna Medallion drapes are too delish!
I made them mine. Because SALE! Muuahahaha.
I've been scouring the web for a chandy.
Problem is, I love soooo many.
These are a couple that are definite contenders for our dining room.

I do love sparkles, but I also appreciate a simplistic approach to beauty.
Decisions, decisions.
Thankfully, there's no rush.
I can take my time and wait for just the right chandy to bring home.

For sure, our DIY china hutch will be getting a new look.

As much as I, and everyone who has seen it, loves the aqua, it's time
for something new.
I'm tentatively thinking a 50/50 mixture of Annie Sloan's 
Old White and French Linen.
And a darker stain on the top.
It will be such a pretty home for the dishes I've picked up around Europe.
Well that cover's two bedrooms and the dining room.
I'm looking forward to sharing more ideas for the rooms
that I'm still trying to figure out.

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