Friday, August 7, 2015

Bring on the Autumn...

Summer is full of fun and adventure.
I love my kids bursting through the door on the last day of school, 
dropping their backpacks, and going right back out the door for that first 
afternoon of summer freedom.
I love mid-morning popsicles, and water fights.
I love sunshine and daylight long into the evening.
I love lazy days and long, slow strolls.
But then......
I start to think about cooler days, and sweaters,
and spiced cider, and cinnamon and pumpkin flavored everything.
I start to think about snuggling up next to the fire pit
on a weekend evening, roasting marshmallows.
Autumn is my favorite.
Autumn is beautiful, and tranquil.
It's the season when curling up with a good book and enjoying some 
solitude is expected.
I love today, but I am looking forward to
the days of Autumn.

I'm ready to watch for the leaves to turn on the tree planted out front.

Hay rides and straw hats.....yes please.

Bales of hay and pumpkins piled on the porch. Don't mind if I do.

Cornstalks waving in the breeze, while mums overflow. Yep....all of that.

Summer is divine, and I always miss it when it goes.
But, I'm ready to say hello to Autumn's delights.
How about you?

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