Friday, January 23, 2015

Plans for my Little Man's Big Boy Bedroom

Our youngest son is 8 years old.
He's as cute as a button and smart and funny.
For his whole life, he's shared a room with an older brother, and sometimes two older brothers.
Hubs and I decided that when we get back to the states,
our cute, smart, funny man needs his own room.
Not just that it'll be all his, but that it'll be designed for him.
This was the bonus room turned bedroom he shared with his big brother in SC.

(I seriously wish I'd taken more pictures of that room.)
Anyway, it was a big deal.
Our two youngest sons had never had new furniture before that.
When we bought new furniture, we went with the Carter's Kids Lost Creek Collection.
I don't have pics of all the pieces, but we bought both grey and espresso pieces from that line.
What I loved about the space was it wasn't too "little boy".
Kids grow so fast, and I want their rooms to grow with them.
When our little guy gets his own room, I want to give him plenty of storage.
After all, little guys have Legos...lots and lots of Legos.
And then there are all the books and action figures and rock collections.
I love the idea of a wall of storage with an industrial feel.
Like this...

The metal pipes and the wood are just still my heart!
I imagine hubs and I DIY-ing our hearts out on this one.
 And if I close my eyes, I can see bubby's Star Wars sets poised on these shelves, ready for battle.

Since his bed has a high headboard, I'd like to drill into it and
mount a light like the one here...

Doesn't that just scream industrial?
The grey and yellow don't hurt my feelings either.
Although, I've been toying with something along these lines for little man's room...

Maps are so versatile in decor.
Not only do they lend character to a room, but they are perfect for
a day-dreaming adventurer like our littlest boy.
And since he's already pretty well traveled, it would serve as a reminder of past adventures.
I want his big boy bedroom to be all about him.
Here's to 7 months to plan a sweet big boy bedroom!

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