Sunday, January 4, 2015

Return to Normal

There are quite a few things in life I don't understand.
When I find myself feeling lost, I think of these scriptures and it calms my spirit.
My absence from blogging was so I could spend precious time
with my Grandma.
My family and I traveled from Germany to South Carolina to spend two weeks
with a woman who was very important in my upbringing.
She taught me to tie my shoes and write my name, she taught me my first phone number
( I still remember it to this day).
We used to have campouts in the living room and watch movies, while we ate
shrimp cocktail and drank soda.
Happy memories overflow.
When we arrived in the states, I found her much changed.
Seeing her like that was not easy, and I asked God why more than once.
My heart may have been hurting, but my faith held fast in the midst of the heartache.
We returned to Germany exhausted; 
Grandma went to Heaven just 4 days later.
As much as I miss her physical presence, she left an indelible mark on my life.
She helped shape who I am.
She left me with a million little reasons to smile.
I am joyful that she is in her eternal home.

It has taken some time for the fog of sadness to clear.
But getting back to normal feels really good.
Today I thought I'd share our master bedroom, which I worked on before Thanksgiving.
Army housing is notoriously difficult to work with.
Our master bedroom has slanted ceilings, odd angles and since it's U-shaped, it's typically dark.
So taking decent pictures is a hot mess.
Anyway, my goal was to brighten and lighten the room up.
I custom mixed two shades of blue. 
A very pale blue is on the dressing room side, with a slightly darker
blue on the sleeping side.
Hubs and I splurged on luxurious Pottery Barn linen bedding.

The sheets are cozy flannel mini houndstooth.
We call our bed "the vortex"
Once you get in, you never want to get out.
One of my favorite projects in the room was re-covering the swing-arm
No more beige lampshades.

I found a sign similar to this on Pinterest.
Then I hacked it.
Since hubs and I celebrated our 20th recently, I feel like we're off
to a good start toward forever ;-)

In a little nook next to the bed we have a large window. 
It's a perfect spot for hubs to sit and take off his boots after a long day of soldiering.
The curtain panels are also Pottery Barn.
I heart them.

You can see the lighting is mainly artificial on this side of the room.
But this little nook left me a spot for a makeup area.
I repurposed an old desk we had on hand. 
It's pretty banged up so I'm eyeing it for a makeover.

Now for my all-time favorite part of the room.
It's a trash to treasure love story.

This old dresser was in a pile of trash!!
Sure it had the worst paint job I've ever seen and it's dinged and dented. has intact brass keyholes, dovetailed joints and vintage detailing!!
I couldn't leave it in the trash. Nope.

Annie Sloan to the rescue!
When I started work on this beast, I didn't realize just how badly damaged 
some of the wood was.
Since I'm not one for perfection, I decided I wasn't going to let
it's "well used" status get in my way.
You see the little brass Odds plaque on the drawer?
It's cute details like that, and this....

that took this over the top.
I ordered antique inspired knobs to finish this off.
I think she is just lovely, don't you?
It's been perfect for extra bed linens.
Thank you to whoever threw this gem away <3

It's nice to return to this little blog of mine.
Nothing makes me feel quite like typing away does. 
Hope you enjoy it too.

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